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Danielle Bregoli: I Look Like Kylie Jenner Now!

Danielle Bregoli may claim that she wants to beat up Kylie Jenner.

But let’s face it: Danielle Bregol really wants to be Kylie Jenner.

Danielle Bregoli: I Look Like Kylie Jenner Now!

Last month, the troubled 13-year old was stopped by a TMZ cameraman at the airport and decided at the time to blast pretty much all the Jenners and Kardashians.

She also gave a radio interview in which Bregoli said she wanted to do some physical damage to Kylie.

“I just don’t like her,” Bregoli said. Llike the way that she does sh-t, ugh.”

What, specifically, irks Danielle about Kylie?

“It seems like she wants attention so bad, little bitch will do anything.”

That’s not really true, of course, Kylie will mainly just pose in sort of seductive manners on social media in order to get attention.

And… would you look at this! Would you now look at the new set of Danielle Bregoli photos that have emerged on Instagram!

As you can see above and below, Bregoli has ditched her hoop earrings, belly shirts and elaborately manicured long nails.

She’s suddenly twirling her locks, showing off cleavage prety much doing a Kylie Jenner impression.

Danielle Bregoli: I Look Like Kylie Jenner Now!

These photos were snapped by Liz Barclay, with makeup and hair provided by someone named Wanthy Rayos and fashion assistance by Jay Boogie.

In the pictorial, Bregoli is lying on white bedding, while donning a nude pink off-the-shoulder top and baggy light jeans. She has a thin, gold chain around her neck and long, white nails.

“I been down so long it look like up to me,” Bregoli captioned the March 5 Instragram post, quoting a song by Drake.

The young teenager has earned the nickname “The Cash Me Ousside Girl” because she appeared on Dr. Phil last September in a segment about teenagers with behavioral problems.

She then gave us a detailed glimpse at just what this meant by screaming at the audience, trying to be all tough by telling members at one point to “cash me ousside.’

Since then, Bregoli has gotten into a fight on board an airplane and done all she can to extend her 15 Minutes of Fame.

Danielle Bregoli: I Look Like Kylie Jenner Now!

So is it really all that surprising that her next step would be to hire a makeup team and a personal stylist and show a bit of skin and follow the lead of other young women with no real talent, and yet a lot of fame?

You know, like Kylie Jenner.

Since her first appearance on Dr. Phil – which was followed by a second, equally contentious appearance – Bregoli sought treatment at the Turn About Ranch.

At one point, she claimed that she would like to be a nurse and work against cyber-bullying.

But now we hear that a Danielle Bregoli reality show is in the works. Which is the least surprising thing we’ve ever heard.

If she needs advice on how to film it or what to do during it, you know who she can talk to?

Danielle Bregoli: I Look Like Kylie Jenner Now!

Yup: Kylie Jenner!

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